Dienstag, 12. April 2016

ETT - 038 - Ultra - "Bay Area Babylon" Mixtape

Order here: ETT - 038 - Ultra - "Bay Area Babylon" Mixtape

I've never followed modern Oi! ( besides CRIMINAL DAMAGE ) very closely because so few current bands get anywhere close to giving me what I get from the classics. However, with bands like THE BRASS, CROWN COURT, and RIXE a little renaissance seems to be happening; in much the same way as the No Way generation of early 80s USHC-inspired bands reinvigorated the hardcore scene in the early and mid-00s, a new crop of Oi! bands is finally making music that can stand with the classics.

ULTRA have it down pat... gruff and tough, but with the hint of simple, terrace-chant melody that makes Oi! so immediate and memorable. If you're into bands like the ones i mentioned before... you won't be disappointed.

Shortly after the brilliant COLD CIRCUITS 12" my mate Paul, told me they‘re gonna start a more OI! influenced Band with members of SYNTHETIC ID, COLD CIRCUITS among many others and what should I say? They killed it again! The same old question, what is the secret ingredient of these guys? Whatever these Bay Area guys secretly mix in their drinks, it seems to bring out an endless flow of brilliant and catchy, yet distinctive songs – in each of their bands, again and again and again...

Anyway, it's pretty clear that the early UK Oi! sound is the primary inspiration here... not only is the general, rootsy pub rock / oi! approach largely the same, but a lot of the songs are built around the same kind of hammer-on rock and roll riffs that drove a lot of that early UK stuff. I would say this is a little more melodic than the first bands you get in mind when you are thinking of the first UK Oi! wave.

They build their songs around the same kinds of hyper-speed Rock n Roll riffs, and the singer has a brilliant melodic growl. I've never said it many times before in these descriptions, but I've always been a big fan of the bands that lie on the more melodic end of the Oi! spectrum, and ULTRA definitely hit that sweet spot, particularly with the title track, which is even more melodic than anything on the tape. The guitar line is downright poppy--almost giving it a punky power-pop edge a la the BOYS or something like that--and the vocals in the choruses gets me every time. But hey, it's not like ULTRA are shy about their influences anyway, right?

ULTRA are definitely up there with RIXE, THE BRASS and CROWN COURT as top-shelf modern Oi! , and if you've been following that sound this is pretty much an essential purchase. So, if the description above moves you , I'd encourage you to check this out, as aside from THE BRASS it's probably the best-executed record in this style I've heard in a very long time.

Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016

ETT - 036 - The Muff Divers - No Muff Too Tuff EP

Order here: ETT - 036 - The Muff Divers - No Muff Too Tuff EP!

Oh, shit. A CÜLO and a NANCY guy in a band together? Are you serious? It's gonna be a weirdo for sure... This two-man project features AJ Durso of GAS RAG, BIRTH DEFORMITIES, CÜLO, etc... and Joe Muffin of NANCY fame, already that info should be enough for an outstanding combination!

So the MUFF DIVERS play a sweet mash up of punk, rock, & 70's glam. Our boy from SORRY STATE RECORDS Daniel found the correct words for this EP: Drum machine-fueled punk-pop with some of the most juvenile lyrics I've ever heard, but something about the songwriting here just knocks it out of the park for me. I think the reason is that everything is so centered on the vocals. I mean, the riffs are interesting and the drum machine is actually pretty cool, but MUFF DIVERS put those simple, catchy vocal melodies right up front in a way that reminds me of classics like JAY REATARD, THE DICKIES, and maybe even THE RAMONES.

I feel like 90% of the music that I recommend here is riff-based; in other words, the songs tend to hang around guitar parts with the other instruments acting more as texture or accents, but MUFF DIVERS are all about singing along. I also love the whole idiotic aesthetic here, and if you flipped out about that DESTROY ALL ART compilation (or if you have soft spots for both KBD and 90s underground punk) I have a feeling you'll love what this band is putting down as well. Highly recommended.

So we have a beefy drum-machine-fueled punk with hooks, could it be the new CONEHEADS? The new DICKIES? The new JAY REATARD? WE SHALL SEE! You only have to know that it rules and is the kinda stuff that will stick in your head for days! GET IT!

Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2016

ETT - 035 - GAG - America's Greatest Hits LP

Order here: ETT - 035 - GAG - America's Greatest Hits LP !

Your favorite mid-tempo manglers are back and you should hold on to your fucking shit because this noisy hardcore punk outfit will make you want to fight someone. GAG is from Olympia WA and bring deranged, distorted and noisy hardcore with strength and anger. This record is a continuous attack on your senses. And I mean that in the best possible way! Ferocious dissonant hardcore focused in intensity and all-out rage. Experimental hardcore, an album of feedback and reverb drenched punk. A storming sea full of noise, with delayed waves!

Our friends at sorry state said: I've loved this band pretty much from the beginning, but "Locker Room" just blows away their previous records with heavy, spot-on production and a complete sense of recklessness that very, very few bands are capable of capturing on record. Much like Gay Kiss and Avon Ladies, Gag at their best have this way of combining the meathead brutality of Hoax with something more dissonant, uncomfortable and exciting. Basically, what that means is that the bass player is playing a total pit-clearing riff while the guitar player(s?) just wail out with sheets of noise over the top. A simple formula, perhaps, but one that is executed to perfection here. This is the type of band you expect to see people emerging from the pit bruised and bloody after watching them.

Their earlier releases perhaps left a bit to be desired fidelity-wise, but this 12" hits with maximum impact. The sound is raw, fucked, and wild hardcore with a heavy delay on the vocals and weird changes throughout. If you like bands like GISM, Church Whip, or United Mutation not just for their aggression but also for their weirdness as well, you'll flip for GAG.

You want any references? I don't have a clear one! Listen to this beast and judge for yourself! The only thing I can say, the flagship of the NEW WAVE OF INDUSTRIAL HARDCORE IS BACK! This is music for freaks! Play it loud, get weird and spread the noise with the upside down smile!

Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2015

ETT - 034 - Woodboot - Crime Time LP

Out now!!!


Good news for people with short attention spans! A band called Woodboot is a master in making traditional sounding punk music, which has the recognizable properties of each song being short and to the point. The main focus point is to f#ck everyone around you that isn’t into this rough around the edges punk tracks!

Expect no poetry, no lyrics about love or other discussions in the in your face lyrics, it’s all ‘up yours’ all the way! Expect being energized by pure negativity, everything is wasted, there is no future and if you try to argue; expect some violently happy induced head cracks!

Starting and stagnating as a two-piece, this jangly Brisbane duo of Daniel and Julien decided to thicken their sound two years ago, and so formed a fully-fledged band. The addition of second guitarist Sam and drummer Donnie prompted an album, and CRIME TIME is the second release for these garage grime ‘n’ rollers. The group follows in the footsteps of THE SPITS and the RAMONES with fast-paced, three-chord gusto.

Brisbane, Australia's Woodboot present their debut LP: CRIME TIME. It's actually their second album, following on from 2014's KRANG GANG non-demo tape. Razar's aggro energy must hang over Brisbane like some horrible cloud. It's present in Woodboot, embedded like DNA. Audible in the aggressive guitar work that fills Crime Time. Vocals are snotty, surly and raw, taking their cues from the first wave but moving beyond that original template set by The Ramones and early aussie punk. It's pissed off, but poppy, there's a heavy air of shit-headed sarcasm throughout the record, sneering at the listener and scratching at the door.

The drumming is hard hitting and primitive, prehistoric sounds and a perfect backbone for the band. At times I hear both a rocket to russia and something akin to Wire's early demos, but the beat is harder and the level of aggression displayed here is infinitely greater.

Woodboot aren’t trying to do anything different. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before but it’s done with such angsty energy and enthusiasm that it doesn’t matter. This record contains feel good tunes that are easy to listen to and don’t take much dissecting for ultimate partying.

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015


Out now!!!


I`m very happy to welcome another outstanding band in our cacophonyc post punk rooster! After Synthetic ID and Cold Circuits, the Berlin based 3 piece PRETTY HURTS got my attention with their demo recordings and with this new EP they blew my mind away!

Cold, dark and icy post punk hits noisy, nervous and insanely driven punk. Disappointment, irritability, alienation, teen-angst, nightmares and hypnagogic hallucinations, packed on a 7". Cold and bleak, but bouncing in defiance, with sporadic tinges of fear. While other bands of their ilk go for a more sullen approach, PRETTY HURTS harnesses their aggression to power through each song like a well-oiled machine.

There’s a sense of urgency and neurosis that’s ever-present throughout Escapement, which makes this one of the better EPs to surface this summer. If there was any EXPECTATION for this 7" PRETTY HURTS can answer with a shy, cold but defining YES! get this EP or listen to the boring other stuff out there...

Freitag, 25. September 2015

ETT - 033 - The Brass - Rugged Cross CS

Out now!!!


I was on tour, it was the first day, I saw this band and I wanted to put out this tape! Music for the Working Class Kids...

Let Adam from Katorga Works introduce this band to you: Oi! Oi! Oi! This is the hotly anticipated debut recording of NYC's The Brass, who have instantly become one of the best live bands in the NYC punk scene. Instead of playing what many see as the modern NYC sound, The Brass has both boots planted firmly in classic UK oi!, in particular Blitz. The sound is rough, direct and angry.

THE BRASS delivers one of the sickest, hardest and best demo’s recorded on American soil in 2015. An absolute killer. It's some of the best Oi! to come out of NYC in fkn god knows how long. The short, snappy tunes are up-tempo, no nonsense, and mad as hell, and the genre's working class origins shine through the NYC grime on grafter's anthems like "Treading Water," with its "back to work!" gang chants and desperate howls from vocalist Clay and the lads that "the only thing between me and the streets, is one shift on the 9-5."

This is from the streets for the streets, a honorable successor for a NY Band like IRON CROSS. Straight to the point, no bullshit, dirty-sounding the NEW NY WAVE OF Oi! This demo is so good that it would be impossible for you not to singalong. For those tired of derivative bands using Oi! as a smokescreen for tough guy silliness, THE BRASS is refreshing. Oh, sure, the sounds they make are rough and tough, but there's more to it than that, and that's what sets them apart from the rest of the Oi! wannabes.

The Brass is coming to a working class city near you and they will tear it down. Grab the tape, the us version was sold out instantely...

Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015

ETT - 031 - TOTAL LOVE - s​/​t 12"

Out now!!!


Here it is, the soundtrack of your summer! All the way from Toronto, Ontario, the stunning debut record of TOTAL LOVE! The first time I listened to this record, I knew it was the start of something amazing. What you get is a sun-soaked beach, garage, punk, pop gem that will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

Simple, haunting, instantly memorable pop songs that will leave you glad to be alive. Let's just call it beach punk; these guys are keeping it tight and far from over-produced.

Their formula is simple: big, poppy riffs and catchy choruses, jangly upbeat guitars and reverb soaked vocals. Confident, heart-felt, refreshingly irony-free beach pop that is just about the catchiest thing you have heard in a long time.

This is a fantastic and exhilarating summertime pop album, so get your beers and yourselves ready to start summer in TOTAL LOVE! I guess you could say we are a TOTAL LOVE fan and I know that after listening to this record, everyone else will be, too...

Samstag, 4. Juli 2015


Out now!!!


Finally! After two stunning demo tapes SIN MOTIVO created this untold hardcore punk 12" bastard. Born and bred in Fort Worth/ Denton, Texas' legacy of DIY, SIN MOTIVO seeks to push what it means to be punk in 2015. In equal parts Victim In Pain and Too Many Humans, SIN MOTIVO perpetually pushes Punk's lack of attention span.

Psychedelic drudging interwoven with a classic hardcore punk formula balances out to create a true sonic seduction. All aspects mentioned before are finally realized in their recent opus, El Desierto, an LP brought to you by members of Wiccans, The Sentenced, and Treatment.

Their recordings capture that energy perfectly and form some of the most driving and propulsive hardcore punk I have heard in ages. You need to hear this. These songs are chaotic and unrelenting. Constant changes make the songs feel relatively short although some of them stretch out over five minutes and even the shorter songs just plod along. Sin Motivo isn't afraid of frantically throwing anything and everything into a speedy, punk rock blender that persists of thumping around for a moment before exploding into a hardcore nail bomb.

If you like your hardcore chaotic and turbulent, you're in for a hell of a ride. This is hardcore punk with demonic vocals and hard-as-nail beats that is extremely hard to shake once you have heared it. Ferocious, dissonant hardcore focused in intensity and all-out rage. A record full of uneasiness and trepidation.

SIN MOTIVO is another living proof for how great the current Austin punk/hardcore crop is. Recorded / Mixed by Dentons finest, Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke ( Marked Men, High Tension Wires, Mind Spiders, Radioactivity ) and mastered by Daniel Hussain ( Red Dons ) I am more than honoured to release this timeless LP.

Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

ETT - 029 - Nancy - (Get The) REVVUP 7"

Out Now!!!



If you’re looking for a good time, NANCY is your salvation. These New York punk prophets have that uncanny ability to craft songs like desert-born incantations: packed with scorching hot riffs so catchy that they’ll possess you to do unspeakable things (or at least dance a lot).

With simply two songs, this 7" will get the party going at your pad. A lot of people have compared them to the RAMONES which is lazy, but also totally true. Both nancy boys contribute their great voices to the microphone, so get ready for ultimate melody.

This debut 7" is soaked in sticky-sweet vocals, galloping stints of foot-stomping beats, and those irresistible, glistening punk rawk hooks. Now I know what you’re thinking: “hooks” means “trite”. WRONG – check out those loopy, gnarly key changes in the middle of the title track. And that’s really the best thing about this no-bullshit crew: the tunes are familiar enough to get you raucous and weird enough to keep you interested. “(Why Am I) Crying?” has all that in spades. Twistable grooves? Check. Ear-searing guitar tone? Of course. Croon factor? A resounding 10.

If you've been looking for a new song to hum at your shit job, it'll take no time to get hooked on these kickers. There’s no excuse for ignoring this band.


Fr. 20.03.2015 Wiesbaden
Sa. 21.03.2015 Houthalen - Crossbone Fest
So. 22.03.2015 Rotterdam - V11
Mo. 23.03.2015 Paris - La Mecanique Ondulatoire
Di. 24.03.2015 Grenoble
Mi. 25.03.2015 Tübingen - Epplehaus
Do. 26.03.2015 Munich
Fr. 27.03.2015 Kreuzlingen - Klub Horst
Sa. 28.03.2015 Milan - Ligera
So. 29.03.2015 Zagreb - Attack
Mo. 30.03.2015 Budapest
Di. 31.04.2015 Vienna
Mi. 01.04.2015 Brno
Do. 02.04.2015 Warsaw
Fr. 03.04.2015 Leipzig - Zoro
Sa. 04.04.2015 Berlin - Bei Ruth (Daniil)
So. 05.04.2015 Kiel - Just A Little Bit Dangerous Fest
Mo. 06.04.2015 Gothenburg
Di. 07.04.2015 Stockholm - Estniska Foreningen
Mi. 08.04.2015 Oslo
Do. 09.04.2015 Aalborg - 1000 Fryd
Fr. 10.04.2015 Copenhagen - Dödsmaskinen
Sa. 11.04.2015 Rheine - Trinkhalle

Not hyped enough? Daniel from Sorry State record says:

Debut single from this NYC band who had a killer demo a while back. The only bad thing I can say about this record is that it's almost painfully short... Nancy sound like a slightly poppier version of the Spits... the guitars are big, simple, and Ramones-influenced, and the vocals have the kind of nasal sound of early Europunk bands like Lost Kids or Ivy Green. Like the Spits, they're also about concision, so only two songs leaves me really, REALLY wanting more... if you like garage-punk whose guitars have balls while the vocals satisfy your pop sweet tooth this is bound to be a favorite.

ETT - 028 - The Coneheads - L​.​P​.​1. aka "14 Year Old High School PC-Fascist Hype Lords Rip Off Devo for the Sake of Extorting $$$ from Helpless Impressionable Midwestern Internet Peoplepunks L.P."

Out now!

Get it here: THE CONEHEADS LP.1. aka "14 Year Old High School PC-Fascist Hype Lords Rip Off Devo for the Sake of Extorting $$$ from Helpless Impressionable Midwestern Internet Peoplepunks L.P."

NWI scene is on another level to the rest of humanity. Oh yes, it's going to get weird once you put this shit on. Coneheads are a basement punk band who have decided to douse themselves in creepy circus riffs, robot meets alien vocals with science-fiction wackyness. Keep in mind, it's still punk and man is it catchy. Who said weird can't be catchy?

They sound like DOW JONES AND THE INDUSTRIALS on speed or a more manic DEVO. The only reference point I can conjure is the Urinals, as if that whim is somehow relevant. Inverse of the shrouding of identity, the music is exactly the opposite. They make a land grab and are settling in for a bit. This would perfectly in 1982 but I doubt they were born before 92. Major points for historical awareness. The rhythm barrels along while solos are interspersed at six second intervals, desperately played like a blur between a jerry lee richard piano solo and a fevered banjo picker who lives in an Appalachian cave.

Alien insectoid Vocals. A Residents and Night Fever pair of renditions square it out. Listening, I am informed my eyes are in a militant glare with a spooky goof mouthgrin. It's hard to find the line between cheap gimmick and true weirdness sometimes, but this one shows that line with every spin. This band is highly addictive and leaves you stunned

Limited 500 copies

Freitag, 26. Dezember 2014

ETT - 027 - Rats Rest - Permanent Catastrophe EP

Out now!

Get it here: Rats Rest - Permanent Catastrophe EP

When it comes to timeless and catchy early 80s US punk sound in these fast and modern times of ours, Rats Rest from Kansas City could take a big part of the cake. If you like the old-school hardcore punk, melodic with a raspy fucked up voice, expressive vocals, mid paced drum-hitting going fast, heavy bass lines, catchy guitar works with a hard-rock attitude / playing, alongside lyric themes about depression, drugs and death, written with a personal view, then this is your new favourite band. I’m reminded of a depressed Marked Men, a bouncy No Hope For The Kids, or a street-punk-infused Leatherface as I spin these tunes. They get it pretty much right, from the well-sung vocals to the guitar solos that occurs over some moody, incessant bass-lines, its always super catchy! So put your sticky fingers on a copy of this and enjoy it!


Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

ETT - 026 - Gloom Sleeper - Demo Tape

Out now!

Get it here: Gloom Sleeper - Demo Tape

For starting a good melodic dark post punk band (or probably any band) you need one thing - some sort of soul. Luckily Gloom Sleeper from Bielefeld, Germany, got this very special thing about their music. It's understandable to be tired of all that newish post / goth punk hype, but when a band starts with a demo tape like this, you have to be down with it once again! Propelling melodic post punk, with a noble sense for writing dancable and catchy songs. There's no hiding behind a wall of sound, no banks of effect pedals, only well-constructed songs that are simultaneously filled with doomed thoughts, self-immolation - and joy.

A beautiful blend of post punk and punk rock with a tinge of Goth. If you need comparisons: Take the guitar work of the outstanding Estranged, add some Warsaw and Killing Joke and you know what Gloom Sleeper are all about...

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

ETT - 025 - THE GOTOBEDS - "Poor People Are Revolting" LP

Out now!

Get it here: ETT - 025 - THE GOTOBEDS - "Poor People Are Revolting" LP

The Gotobeds' members come from Pittsburgh, Penn., a place notorious for keeping great local bands to itself. But the racket these guys kick up on their first album, Poor People Are Revolting, might be too strong for the city to contain.

Guitarists Eli Kasan and Tom Payne spent the last few years as part of the local hardcore band Kim Phuc. Joined by bassist Gavin Jensen and drummer Cary Belbeck, they bring that energy to The Gotobeds, a rowdy, ramshackle party house of a band, built on the intersecting bedrock of post-punk and indie rock. On Poor People Are Revolting, there's something crazy going on in every room, the front porch and the backyard: a party that never dies down or seems to stop, even as the neighbors complain and the cops drive past. Working from the spirit and fundamentals of a small handful of influences — the design sense and intellectual rowdiness of The Fall; the constant evolution and masterful poker faces of Wire, from whose drummer these guys borrowed their name; the sturdy, heroic melodic sense and layered tape-loop production of Mission of Burma — The Gotobeds' members paint a dirty, driven, vulgar portrait of Rust Belt restlessness.

Poor People rockets out of the gate with "Fast Trash," a great intro to The Gotobeds' boundless energy. Two-parter "Wasted on Youth/Melted Candle" starts out with a tuneful riff that ratchets past pandemonium. Every song here is an honest-to-goodness anthem, ready to sweep you up in the throttling, last-call anxiety that permeates the band's work — even through all 10 minutes of the single repetitive riff that makes up "Secs Tape."

Were these guys from New York City, they'd probably be too tired and broke to play with this level of fevered, feral inspiration. With no fear of being priced out, they launch one of the greatest arguments against Big Apple living with their single "NY's Alright." Like the album's title, the song is a double-edged sword, couching the relative excitement of New York (and hearing all about it from everyone who's moved there) against the reality of people staring into their cellphones on crowded sidewalks, constantly trying to maintain a standard of living that The Gotobeds can enjoy for next to nothing. The sentiment is hammered home in the video for the track, as the band drops a Parquet Courts LP out of its sleeve, only to see it shatter on the floor.

One of the strongest American rock debuts in years, Poor People Are Revolting is an obscene gesture hoisted toward anyone who'd claim that the genre is dead.

ETT - 024 - Criminal Code - Salvage EP

Out now!


In my opinion, Criminal Code need no introduction. If you are not familiar so far, let Daniel Vandenberg explain this band for you! Criminal Code from Tacoma, Washington, play an anthemic, sneakingly melodic mixture of post-punk and cacophony of raw wavy punk. Formed in 2011, they’ve just released several 7“s and their debut LP No Device on Deranged Records, a welcome shot in the vein (or kick in the teeth) to an increasingly ethereal genre. They took their Husker Du/Greg Sage influences and made it their own unique sound.

The new 7“ harkens back to the raw, stripped down and primal intensity that characterised the early days of post punk, back when it was still considered just punk, only punk that was a little off and slightly more unsettling than usual. Criminal Code straight rip and rock with an urgency and rabid junkieunpredictability that was traded in long ago when post punk started investing wholeheartedly in synthesisers and chorus pedal collections and diverting down broodier pathways to goth and whatever-wave. Criminal Code are a perfect mess of contradictions, simultaneously full-bodied and forceful, and cold, distant and washed-out, like a hardcore heart in pale post punk skin, or vice versa. While specifically for Criminal Code’s European tour, the EP neatly coheres and expands on their Husker Du Over A Cliff guitars and post-post (post) Wipers despair/rage. Snag the EP on tour and dig hard!

Criminal Code are embarking on a lengthy European tour. Here are the dates. Don’t miss them!

11.03.2014 Kortrijk - Pits
11.04.2014 Paris
11.05.2014 Leeds
11.06.2014 Glasgow
11.07.2014 London - Static Shock Fest
11.08.2014 Antwerp - Het Bos
11.09.2014 Osnabrück - Bastard Club
11.10.2014 Hamburg - Hafenklang
11.11.2014 Berlin
11.12.2014 Münster - Gleis 22
11.13.2014 Amsterdam - Winston
11.14.2014 Stuttgart - Revier
11.15.2014 Bologna
11.16.2014 Trento
11.17.2014 Zagreb - Attack
11.18.2014 Budapest
11.19.2014 Vienna
11.20.2014 Brno - Vegalite
11.21.2014 Nuremberg - Projekt 31
11.22.2014 Frankfurt

Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

ETT - 023 - Lumpy And The Dumpers - Collection LP

Out Now!


From time to time, LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS prove themselves to be the terminus of the Slime Punk Express. Blown out and covered in slime, Lumpy gnashes his way through these 12 tracks about ghouls, gnats, piss, sex pits and bad breath. In the realm of screaming, searing "throbbing idiot punk" (as LUMPY calls it), this is gold. It's fast, it's vicious, and it does not give a fuck. Total raw, warped punk just like I love it! LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS sound exactly like what you'd imagine Ren & Stimpy's latin-jazz freakout band!

This band is about the filth inside, which is not to be confused with the darkness, it's not mental anguish and black godlusts that are spewing forth here, just the natural logistics of flesh, the slippery smelly stuff, honesty of form in the chitterlings and the old shambles. Semi-solid beings playing songs of uncomfortable physicality.

Wrap this whole package up in an absolutely gorgeous 2-color, screen-printed sleeve (art by LUMPY himself) and you have a 100% essential hardcore LP.

Get your physical copy in the ETT online-store and make sure to take a bath afterwards!

Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

ETT - 022 - Needles​/​/​Pins - Shamebirds LP

Out Now!


How many current bands try to sound unique and outstanding, especially like the kind of pop music that NEEDLES//PINS are playing? We’re talking about awesome snotty power pop laced punk rock from Vancouver / Canada.

NEEDLES//PINS start where White Wires, Gentleman Jesse, Young Governor and others leave off and take their really own incredible song craft at work here – all instantly likable and infinitely memorable. It’s unique and outstanding in a serious way! For everyone who loves jams catchy as fuck: NEEDLES//PINS are just what you needed. The “Shamebirds” LP will make the coldest, loneliest and most boring of days fun and crazy again. The songs circle somewhere between mid-period Replacements, Selling the Sizzle-era Smugglers, The Hives’ “incredibly famous for a minute” stint and ‘70s/’80s Canadian power pop punk (Pointed Sticks / Teenage Head) and you’d be close. It’s just awesome!

Please go out and catch them on their upcoming European Tour with their friends from Sonic Avenues and see two of the best power pop / punk bands at their boiling point. So haul your ass out of your easy chair and get this one!

The US pressing will be out on Dirt Cult Records!

Dienstag, 18. März 2014

ETT - 021 - Blotter - Under Armour 77 EP

Out Now!

Get it here: BUY BLOTTER EP

500 copies are made - 500 on Black Vinyl

Hey, Hardcore-Fans! Lose your minds! Here’s the real deal. Blotter is everything you want from a modern day hardcore punk band. Over the past few years, Austin, TX has seen a resurgence in young, quality punk bands. Blotter is one of the top tier groups of this new school of Texas hardcore and Under Armour '77, their debut vinyl effort, stands as some of the best work this scene has produced. Primordial ooze USHC at its finest.

Blotter is yet another new hardcore punk featuring members of Wiccans, Glue, Impalers and Creamers.

Blotter delivers just brutal, stomping stuff with a perfect, early 80s-sounding 8-track production. This five piece band rages through five songs in a little over five minutes. Fast precise hard hitting drums, loud distorted guitar that flirts with chaotic, noisy feedback, compliment dynamic and aggressive vocals that have just the right amount of snot and grit. Their sound touches on classic 80’s hardcore, whilst paying no tribute to any other HC band I’ve listened to in the last few years. This is unique, this is weird, fucked up and awesome! No filler on this EP – it’s all legit. No nonsense Hardcore in 2014, go and get your copy. Fuck.

ETT - 020 - Secret Prostitutes / Crooked Bangs - Split EP

Out Now!

Get it here: Buy Secret Prostitutes / Crooked Bangs Split 7"

500 Copies are made

100 Secret Prostitutes Edition - Black Vinyl with Blue / Green Silksreen Cover
100 Crooked Bangs Edition - Black Vinyl with Orange / Red Silkscreen Cover
300 Normal Edition - Black Vinyl with Black / White Silkscreen Cover

Two bands located in Texas, one sings in French, the other in Indonesian and I’m gonna put out a Split 7“ for them… Do you know which bands I’m talking about!? If not, here is the answer: Crooked Bangs and Secret Prostitutes.

After their stunning first record, Crooked Bangs approach their sound in a way that is sinister but also inviting, a veil of gloom — courtesy of Ginestra’s foreboding vocals and Wendel’s snappy guitar work — with an inducing rhythm section. There are elements of ’70s punk and ’60s garage rock lurking throughout, but these influences don’t override their own ideas. The upfront person is vocalist/bassist Leda Celeste Ginestra, who sings like she discovered punk in the catacombs of a Parisian cabaret. Alternating between French and English lyrics, Ginestra brings uncommon depth and richness to macabre depictions of blood castles and flesh-ripping wolves. At the same time, she's quick to morph into guttural, Linda Blair-style screeching when the song demands it. Guitarist Samantha Wendel cuts the clutter in favor of finding the perfect surf-goth tone, while drummer Phillip Gonzalez plows through the anxious night like a pepped-up trucker.

On the flip there will be the mysterious reincarnation of KBD Punk. In my opinion there’s no introduction needed! You just have to know that the KBD spirit of the band and the music fit genuinely into the era of the style. They would fit perfectly into the early Houston punk scene of bands looking for a place to play. The beat and Indonesian lyrics will cause you to tap your boot, shake your ass and scratch your head while you’re banging it. But it will always make you smile, unlike your KGB counterparts who haven’t been this confused since trying to understand the argot of contempt sung secretively by bands behind the Iron Curtain.

ETT - 019 – Cold Circuits – s​/​t 12“

Out Now!

Get it here: Buy Cold Circuits – s​/​t 12“

200 Copies - 200 on Black Vinyl

The Bay Area is one of the most interesting places for punk these days – one of the most outstanding bands from there are the Cold Circuits! Shattered guitar sound, mutated post punk basslines creating a danceable despair with bratty darkwave vocals, this is so punk! No garage, no post punk, no deathrock or whatever…

The icy, anxiety-ridden post punk is replaced by salivating droning punk. Less twitching, more pogoing, but still ravaged by the mounting dissolution and paranoia. A fucking great rhythm section (well known from Synthetic ID) rounds this whole thing down. Cold and bleak with sporadic tinges of fear. If you are a fan of Terrible Feelings and also Rank//Xerox, Cold Circuits will be your new obsession! Keep your eyes open – the 12“ will be limited to 200 copies!

ETT - 018 - Happy Hookers For Jesus - s​/​t EP

Out Now!

Get it here: Buy Happy Hookers For Jesus EP

300 Copies - 300 on Black Vinyl

If you are looking for a new and outstanding band from Europe, here you got it. My mind was blown after the first time of listening to these songs that are so depressive, cold, pissed and snotty. One thing was sure: I just had to repress this EP because 200 copies are far too little for this killer 7“.

What you get is pure Danish unrelenting punk rock damage! Take the smarmy music oft The Urinals, speed it up to 150 % and crank the volume up to the max and you hear what the Happy Hookers For Jesus are all about. This 7“ is a little bastard of punk that‘s stuck in your head with the first listen. A nihilistic feedback orgy in four acts, packed with merciless insanity, screeching guitars, distorted echo-voice and a totally wasted I-don't-give-a-flying-fuck-attitude, all thrown together in a stinky garage. So, get it or get lost!

Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

ETT - 017 - The Real Energy - Beyond Delay LP

Out Now!!!

Get it here: The Real Energy - Beyond Delay LP

Previously called The Energy:

“It has been said many times and in many ways the what the world needs now is another rock and roll band." This could very well be the one of which the pundits spoke.

500 are made - 500 on black vinyl + The Real Energy Poster Insert.

The Real Energy are a serial killer blues band and they come up with a potent combination of garage squeal and feedback, don't-give-a-shit vocals and a sense of melody that borrows from '60s girl groups and psychedelic pop. The whole thing has a wonderful and natural devil-may-care attitude that can be severely lacking in today's bloated, pretentious and often histrionic rock world. I thought punk was supposed to kill all that? The Real Energy are quite unique at what they do and they are everything but yet another generic and predictable rocknroll band. First of all, most of the songs on The Real Energy's third record are more than three minutes long… The song structures are repetitive but always fueled with sonic and riff-heavy garage punk rock parts which are written intelligently (and I'm not saying that in a pretentious way). Repetitive riffs are always accompanied with background noise and feedback, killer solos and melodies which reflect the psychedelic side of the 60's and 70's garage + glam rock, and you can even hear some glam rock influences. You just get everything you love in let‘s just call it, what it is - rocknroll.

The crisp and exacting music of THE REAL ENERGY has been a long time coming, although the group itself was formed only shortly before the inspired recording of their first album. THE REAL ENERGY consists of four parts: composers Triplett and Bates performing on electric guitar and vocals respectively; Josh Wolf, percussionist, bronze god, pulse of the rhythm section; and bass guitarist Chris “Chris Ryan” Ryan. For the past ten years or so each of these fellows has been pursuing his own private destiny within the confines of the “punk rock jungle.” Their varied apprenticeships include stints with infamous groups from past decades and more recent sorties such as the short-lived but illustrious “Ultimate Spinach.” As is so rarely the case, the whole of THE REAL ENERGY is greater than the sum of its parts, and the newly formed amalgam threatens to undermine the foundations of the rock power elite.

Thus treads heavily the titanic THE REAL ENERGY, casting a long shadow upon the contemporary rock wasteland, aspiring to spill its seed on barren ground, and at the same time, struggling to make sense out of the flotsam and jetsam of its eclectic musical heritage. With a solid first album under its belt, and with an ever-expanding reputation as a dynamic performing group, it would appear that THE REAL ENERGY’s place on the American musical scene is assured.

Montag, 4. November 2013

ETT 016 - Savageheads - Demo Tape

Sold out!!!

Savageheads, Boston, Uk 82, Pogo, Punk, Partisans, No Future, Got it?!

100 are made ( Europe Version all on clear Tapes )

You like the Partisans!? Yes?! ok, you will love this Demo!!!!!

Savageheads offer up one hell of a four song demo. Most descriptions you'll find online compare them to UK82 bands and this will make sense as soon as you hear it. Great new UK-82 inspired demo from these Boston boys. Members of just about every band in Boston ever, this is a fantastic debut with tons of promise. Warmly recorded, well written, and expertly executed. Highly recommended!

Nothing more to say! Punk my Friends, Got it?! If not, Fuck Off!!!!!

Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

ETT 015 - Vånna Inget - Ingen Botten LP

Out Now!!!

Get it here: Vånna Inget - Ingen Botten LP

Yep! The new masterpiece from Swedens melancholy pop wave hit machine will be out in autumn! Stay tuned for this amazing LP!! They have started with the recording process. VÅNNA INGET are working with the producer Jari Haapalainen (MONEYBROTHER, THE INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY etc.) in legendary "Varispeed Studios" http://www.varispeedstudios.com. THE HIVES recorded most of their records at "Varispeed Studios" also! The Band recorded everything in the best, the old school way... drums, guitars, organ, bass and vocals live straight down on 2" 16 ch tape. It's gonna be a lot of live show feeling on the record.

In 2011, VÅNNA INGET released their debut album "Allvar". Although rapidly written and recorded, the chemistry is extraordinary and leaves one wondering if they had been working on it for years. "Allvar" was an unexpected success and VÅNNA INGET became a name associated with great expectations. Two years on, Vånna Inget has played over a hundred gigs spanning Sweden, Europe and the USA. They have a steadily growing fan base and it certainly showed in May 2013 when the band played a triumphant concert to a large audience at Debaser Medis in Stockholm. A gig that was proof of how music can grow organically, by itself, once it has taken root in the heart of its people.

VÅNNA INGETS music speaks volumes. It was clear from the opening track of "Allvar" and even more so with the bands second album. Produced by Jari Haapalainen (THE BEAR QUARTET, KAJSA GRYTT, INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY, ELDKVARN...) in legendary "Varispeed Studios" where THE HIVES recorded most of their records also! The Band recorded everything in the best, the old school way... drums, guitars, organ, bass and vocals live straight down on 2" 16 ch tape.

Where "Allvar" found power in its urgent and relentless delivery, "Ingen Botten" is a more nuanced affair. Sharp guitar riffs and shimmering organ melodies are woven together with an attentive and dynamic rhythm section. The band has also taken down the tempo in places and left room to move within the arrangements. But above all, there is a refined approach that goes beyond merely changing for the sake of change. VÅNNA INGET knows where they stand and nurture their songs to a maturity that makes them unique in a meeting between raw, punkish nerve and melodic sensibility. They possess the ability to turn claustrophobic themes of confinement and desperation into something that feels uplifting and liberating.

Above all, Karolina Engdahl's vocals have grown to reach even higher levels of poignant intensity. She sings with a powerful, yet brittle, force. "Ingen Botten" fulfils the high expectations surrounding Vånna Inget during the two years since their debut. An album that broadens their scope and works its way deeper into the essence of what VÅNNA INGET truly is.

Karolina - Vocals
Tommy - Guitar
Andréas - Drums
Joel - Organ
Niklas- Bass

1500 are made

350 ETT Version „deluxe version, cover is a heavy cardboard sleeve (350 g/m²) with gold print and gloss paint, comes also with printed cardboard innersleeve (300g/m²)”
550 P.Trash Version „deluxe version, cover is a heavy cardboard sleeve (350 g/m²) with gold print and gloss paint, comes also with printed cardboard innersleeve (300g/m²)”
100 P.Trash Club Members Version
500 HepTown Rec. Version

Band: https://www.facebook.com/pages/V%C3%A5nna-Inget/176549792399959

Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

ETT 014 - Neighborhood Brats - Total Dementia EP

Sold out!!!

Why Neighborhood Brats are currently one of the best no-qualifier, no-additional-adjectives-needed punk bands on the West Coast? Because they got this raw melodies. Buzzy, bucking guitar work. Rampart-and-heartbeat strong bass. Forced marching to bad places drumming. Post-apocalyptic beach party music. Live, they pantsed a room full of unsuspecting Awesome Festers. Its like watching an above-ground nuclear testing documentary. Rad. If you're into classic female-fronted hardcore punk, you're gonna go apeshit for Neighborhood Brats! Jenny Angelillo (ex Orphans) and George Rager (Roofie and the Nightstalker) teamed up with Jasmine Watson and Kirk Podell (Neo Cons) late last year to form this fearsome foursome, and already the band's go on their first Europe Tour and of course ETT is doing a tour EP for them! Some lineup changes can't stop these brats.

Angelillo's voice certainly has that Penelope Houston/Avengers quality and provides the band with vocals that are reminiscent of the whole Dangerhouse era, whilst fronting a band that pile drives ahead with some top notch, catchy punk rock'n'roll which also seems to have an Avengers quality to it, albeit with a much beefier sound than their predecessors. The result is that this is a blast from start to finish, something to enjoy without having to think too much about what you listening to as it's just got that sort of feel to it. Neighborhood Brats basically do a smash 'n' grab job on my ears, although it's one that they are welcome back to repeat over and over. Don't expect anything highbrow in respect of the lyrics; in fact, despite how much I really enjoy the vocals, it's not conveying an earth shattering message. Once again, it's just a fun release with all the songs not overstaying their welcome, even with frequent plays. And by the way, it's a great new ep! This is instantly timeless California punk. You could have dropped the needle on this record in the late 70s or early 80s or in 2012 and the result would be the same. This kills. Female vocals, furious energy, leather jacket clad, snotty punk rock. You want more? Here is more! Just out for the first Europe Tour!

300 are made - Clear Vinyl ( Limited Europe Tour 7" )

Band: https://www.facebook.com/neighborhoodbrats

ETT - 013 - Derby Dolls - s​/​t EP

Out Now!!!

Get it Here: Derby Dolls - s​/​t EP Limited ETT Version

Get ready for a new Derby Dolls EP! When I first listened to the rough mixes I was thinking again, yes, that‘s tight! The 4 new songs come with German lyrics and a solid early NDW background, but with an amazing sound! You will love it! I don‘t know when this band had the time to write a new EP, because two of them are playing constantly with Hysterese. Derby Dolls are always the best happy thing between sweet pop and early Neue Deutsche Welle. With this new 4 Song EP they put some more snotty Midwestern Garage influences into their unique sound and they often remind me of Something Fierce, maybe it‘s the excellent bass sound or just the perfect songwriting?! The guitar lines are jangling and aggressive – but not in a testosteron way. And Helens voice is doing the rest. The debut 12“ was sold out in a few months without the Derby Dolls having played one show. You should buy one of these little vinyl jewels and grab your own copy, because this is another unique piece of fine music, combining the power and the pop when it comes to punk.

500 are made

100 Black Vinyl ( Ett Version - Turquoise Silkscreen Cover )
100 Black Vinyl ( Band Version- Pink Silkscreen Cover )
300 Black Vinyl ( Normal Edition - Black Silkscreen Cover )

Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

ETT - 012 - Vånna Inget - Allvar LP - Re - Press

Out Now!!!

GET IT HERE: Vånna Inget - Allvar LP

Of course there will be a ETT Version of the awesome Debut LP from Malmös Vånna Inget, when there is a Re - Press. And a very special one, every ETT version will include the ETT 005 - Vånna Inget - Jag Ska Fly Tills Jag Hittar Hem 7" EP in a Hand - Stamped Version, be fast, limited to 47!!!


Vånna Inget is punk with pop melodies and melodic vocals. The inspiration for the album is a jumble of Tant Strul, Pink Champagne, The Go-Go's, old Uggla, Håkan Hellström and Marked Men.

The album "Allvar" is filled with musical spontaneity without studio work with to much choirs and guitars and the new EP will be hold this level. It should sound so sad and vivid as possible. The album was recorded in guitarist Tommy Tift (Sista Sekunden) studio by the band themselves, the EP too. I told you that the new EP is the same level, maybe a little bit more sad and vivid and also amazing!

Everyone in the band come from small places around Småland, Sweden and the country rather than the town that inspired the band to this EP. But everybody in the band has now moved to the big cities, away from the small town small mind syndrome.

Singer Karolina Engdahl sings with a passion of a rare luxury, anxiety squirts out of her jaw. Bass player Johan Ottosson laid his bass with depth and with drummer Andréas Almqvist and Tifts guitar; they receive a carpet of beautiful noise.

Band members play in or have played in such great bands like Sista Sekunden, A Good Deed, The Confession, Speakeasy, Civilisationen, The Part Timers and Morsans Gula Blend.

The band has a sound that Swedish bands like Masshysteri, Knugen Faller, Baboon Show, Invasionen, etc. has conveyed the last ten years. Bands that have given punk a little more melodic vein. Vånna Inget have turned down the distortion and added some more minor chords and vocal harmonies but the intensity, anxiety and the energy is there anyway. Sort of like new wave that came after punk explosion in 1977.

Line up:
Karolina Engdahl - Vocals
Tommy Tift - Guitar
Johan Ottosson - Bass
Andréas Almqvist – Drums

To our humble ears, the alloy of Scandinavian melancholy and perfect melodies somehow always seems to work whenever we put on Swedish bands like the BOMBETTES, TERRIBLE FEELINGS, VICIOUS or INVASIONEN. But never has a comparable sound emulgated into what awaits to be discovered inside the blurry cover of this record. The unlocked potential of the small-town blues of Småland and the ardent post-teenage angst bundled in 10 songs that slowly burn a hole into a gray and bland surface. Singer Karolina's crystal clear and intense voice covers a tight texture of melodies that brachiate from hookline to hookline, somehow comparable to the early 80s Californian Punk of THE AVENGERS that meets the more New Wave sound of Swedish Feminist-Agit Punk bands TANT STRUL and PINK CHAMPAGNE. The three slower songs on this LP perfectly fit inside the steady mid-tempo and increase the feeling sadness and anxiety expressed im- and explicitely. A piercing ray of sunlight on a cold autumn day. This LP has all the hallmarks of being a killer instant classic!!!

Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013

ETT - 011 - Terrible Feelings - Backwoods 7"

Out Now!!!

GET IT HERE: Terrible Feelings - Backwoods EP

Someone described the music as “Loud, dark, therapeutic, and rough around the edges” and Anton once said he played “black angst-ridden power pop.” Both quotes sum up Terrible Feelings pretty well. Place their sound somewhere in the wastelands between Wipers, Redd Kross, Ebba Grön and Murder City Devils.

Listen to a new Terrible Feelings song from the upcoming ”Backwoods” 7”…release date is august 5th…. Called I don`t even know you.

Terrible Feelings from Malmö, Sweden have existed since fall 2009.They sprung out of late parties, punk rock, pop, and friendship.

The band has to date released three 7”s and one full length album. They’ve embarked on no less than five full European tours and two US tours (one on each coast). They’ve shared stages with bands such as Jeff the Brotherhood, White Lung, Imperial State Electric, Fucked Up, The Raveonettes, and The Babies; and were handpicked by none other than Refused as support in both Europe and Sweden on their final tour.

Musically Terrible Feelings has been described as proto punk, dark power pop and gloomy surf, with a tint of both country and 70s hard rock. All descriptions are correct. It’s rock 'n' roll.

August 2013 will see the dawn of “Backwoods”, the band’s first release in over a year. Three new songs on 7” format. Watch out.

1000 are made

500 Black Vinyl ( ETT )
500 Black Vinyl ( Sabotage Records )
10 Testpress ( Different Artwork )

North America Press out on Deranged Records

Band: www.terriblefeelings.com